Local Homilies

Job 9:1-13,14-16; Psalm 88:10bc-11,12-13,14-15; Luke 9:57-62
Someone said to him, “I will follow you wherever you go.” Jesus answered him, “Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head.” Luke 9:57-58
▪As important as shelter, family, and food are, none of these should be a hindrance to doing the will of God. The first disciple who wanted to follow Jesus declared his interest to follow Jesus wherever He goes. Jesus reminded him what he would lose as a disciple, which is his comfort of a good home.
~ Our jobs and vocations determine to a greater extent where we live. Some have moved from place to place leaving behind their comfortable homes, just because the nature of their works demand such. To follow Jesus, one ought to be ready to give up more. While our jobs and professions may assure us of a kind of certainty, that of the gospel is based on faith.
~ Some great saints left their comforts to proclaim the gospel without knowing what God had in plans for them. St. Francis of Assisi on hearing the command to proclaim the gospel, left his family and inheritance behind. The son of a wealthy man became a wretched man because of the gospel.
~ One of the greatest obstacles we face is the fear of unknown. Humanly speaking, it is always easier to begin from known to unknown. However, God most times calls us into the unknown. Just like the two other disciples wanted to finish with their family before answering, so do we often ask for more time before we make a step.
▪Dear friend, God can stop us in the middle of nowhere and demand a turn in another direction. It is always difficult to say yes because we want to finish what we are sure of before something else. To be true disciples, we must be open and ready to answer whenever He calls us. That is what it means to follow Jesus wherever He goes.
May God bless you
Fr Joseph Chukwugozie Ikegbunam