Local Homilies

Amos 9:11-15; Psalm 85:9ab,10,11-12,13-14; Matthew 9:14-17
What we see most often in our faith today is trying to bring two incompatible things together. It is like mixing dirty water and clean water together, which ends up destroying the good one.
▪In the his letter to the Ephesians 5:8, the epistle says, “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light!” Before we decided to follow Christ, there were certain things we did that we considered as normal, but our encounter with Christ has shown that these are abnormal.
~ Now that we have encountered Christ, we should fit things rightly, because old things are passed and we are now new creatures, (c.f. 2 Cor. 5:17).
~ What does it mean to fit things rightly? It means doing away with all the old things that are against the teachings of Christ.
▪We have this struggle daily between patching an old cloak with a piece of unshrunken cloth, which often ends up in the fullness pulling away from the cloak and the tear getting worse. Recently we have seen many cases of Christians who identify themselves as Christians but believe that cheating, defrauding others or even killing innocent people is right. What this implies is that:
~ There will be a sharp divide between our faith and reasoning. When our reasoning is in contradiction with our faith, the tear will be worse.
~ If our life goes against that of Christ, we will be torn apart by the world. And this world has nothing to offer.
▪Dear friend, let us do all we can to fit things rightly. Our old self that used to lead us away from the light of Christ should give way for the new self. Even though these two selves still battle within us, we have to feed the new self and starve the old self. This is the only way to put things rightly.
~ We pray for United States of America at her independence that the love of God which makes all things new, will fit things rightly in the hearts of the citizens. That the wounds of the past which is the cause of the present crisis will give way for peace to reign.
~ We pray that wherever we find ourselves today, we will begin to fit things rightly in our families. Through Christ our Lord. Amen
If things are not fit rightly, it may temporarily last; but will not permanently endure. Old things that are good, are good to be kept anew; new things that are bad, are bad to be kept anew. Let the new always be that which is good. This is fitting things rightly.

Have a beautiful day
Fr Joseph Chukwugozie Ikegbunam